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Same Diffr

“2) Via the reception of messages to your application.”
That’s exactly what I did. I created 4 application specific message types. In the, I defined how a node should react when it receives a certain message type.

“1) Via the actions-File, to tell certain nodes to start certain actions at a certain time.”
Yes, I will need need an actions-file in order to force the simulated SCRIBE network to do as I wish (for evaluation purposes).

My problems are:

a) I don’t know what orders are valid inside an actions-file (i.e. the syntax and semantics). Is there a documentation about this?

b) I don’t know “where” the actions-file connects to the simulator/my application. I mean, somehow, the orders of the actions-file have to be interpreted by the simulator or my application. Where can I find the part of the simulator performing this task? or Where do I have to implement it in my application?

Thank you for your help.

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