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I am trying to understand your approach.
So one single node in the network should publish a file and this file
should be downloaded by all other nodes.

For that, follow the download procedure on
and download
and the two other network files.

Unzip and install everything according the video in the getting
started section.

No the relevant parts:
– A filesharing application is already implemented, so you could use
Chord and the corresponding filesharing application.
– The corresponding config file to start the simulator is here: ..-/
– For example you could start: FSChord-1000_Peers.xml
– in the corresponding action file, it is written, what should happen
in the simulation: config/application-filesharing2/filesharing2-

Currently it is written:
Ecuador 1m FilesharingApplication:join
Ukraine 2m-5m FilesharingApplication:join
Denmark 6m-20m FilesharingApplication:join
Brazil 21m-30m FilesharingApplication:join
Poland 31m-40m FilesharingApplication:join
Malaysia 41m-50m FilesharingApplication:join
France 51m-60m FilesharingApplication:join

Malaysia 100m-120m FilesharingApplication:publishResourcesFromSet
files2 20
France 100m-120m FilesharingApplication:publishResourcesFromSet files1
France 121m FilesharingApplication:lookupResourceFromSetPeriodically
files2 10m
Malaysia 121m FilesharingApplication:lookupResourceFromSetPeriodically
files1 10m

So there are 20 files in the set files1 and 20 files in the set
In your case you seem only to want one single file: 20 -> 1
And this single file should be published by one single node (instead
of here, all nodes in Malaysia)
So you have to create one single node as well, or a group in the
config file that contains only one node.

Once you run the simulation with the config file, your results should

Best regards,

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