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Anas Anis

I’m trying to execute the following actions aver GIA overlay:

_ECHO 1s “Simulation Started – Join gestarted”

Group1 1s join callback
Group2 2s-3s join callback
Group3 3s-6s join callback
Group4 7s-10s join callback
Group5 10s-19s join callback
Group6 10s-20s join callback
Group7 10s-20s join callback
Group8 10s-20s join callback
Group9 20s-30s join callback
Group10 20s-30s join callback
Group11 20s-30s join callback
Group12 20s-30s join callback
Group13 20s-30s join callback

Group1 100s publishRanks 100
Group2 101s publishRanks 102
Group3 104s publishRanks 103
Group4 108s publishRanks 104

Group7 130s queryRank 100 10
Group8 131s queryRank 101 10
Group9 132s queryRank 103 10
Group10 133s queryRank 107 10

Group8 210s leave false
Group9 210s leave false
Group10 210s leave false
Group11 210s leave false
Group12 210s leave false
Group13 210s leave false

But when reading the results, I find every thing is zeros, except from
the number of peers and the number of messages (which messages?). So
why everything is zero?

and also for the number of peers, it climbs up to 1000 (the size
defined in the config file) and never goes down, even that it is
written in the actions-file that there is some groups will leave. So,
I was expecting the number to go down after 210 seconds, and that
didn’t happen?!

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