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Thim Strothmann

A lot of questions, since answering them in detail would take me more
than an hour (and I would contribute way to much too your paper), I
will answer them in a brief way:

1) Your action-file that you want to be executed cannot work. Your
arew trying to perform a LOT of action in under 210 seconds, which
should not be possible for the simulator (+ it’s hard for the overlay
to get a good structure, you must give the overlay some time to get
its structure).
2) If I am not mistaken you are using the “leave” command in the
action files wrong. Take a look at other action files (I think it
should happen in some chord configs)
3) Not all of the action you want to be executed (mentioned in the
fourth post) can be called from an actions-file. The reason for this,
that for some actions/methods there it does not make sense to call
them from “the outside”. As Feldi mentioned before the
GnutellaApplication is a pretty good way to generate Traffic + it is
easier to configure.
4) As for the reference/explanation for the methods of gnutella06 and
Gia, I am not sure. I would expect that they are explained in the
paper which introduce Gnutella06 and Gia (this is Guesswork from my
side, I Admit it). If this is not the case, then the only way to
understand them is to work your way through the code.

Kind regards,

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