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Matthias Feldotto


as your configuration file cannot be complete (it is not a valid xml file which has to start and end with the same xml tag and in the case of the simulator with the Configuration tag), I can only guess what you mean with your question.

On the one hand you have the configuration parameters, which you can define in the beginning of the configuration file in the default tag, for example:

<Variable name=”seed” value=”0″ />

After they are defined in the beginning, you can reuse them in the whole configuration file and change the values in the gui or console runner.

On the other hand you can use parameterization for your java classes, for example:

<Analyzer class=”de.tud.kom.p2psim.impl.overlay.ido.evaluation.EvaluationControlAnalyzer” measurementInterval=”20″>

All these class parameters are of the format name=”value” and they are constructed for all setter methods of the corresponding class. So in the example case the class has a public method setMeasurementInterval(long interval). So if you need a further variable for the classes, just implement a setter method for it with the correct name.

I hope, that you got the idea for both variable types which are used in the simulator.

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