The offered documentation of PeerfactSim.KOM is considered as a kind of open document, where every developer contributes a documentation for the component, that he implemented. So the contained documentation is just a collection of different, small documents highlighting only one or a few components of the complete simulator. Some of the covered topics in this book will also be explained in how to documents. These HowTos are intented for users, which want to use the simulator just for simulations, while the common documentation highlights the general aspects of the complete architecture and gives some details about the implementation and the development of existing or further components.


Current documentation

Getting Started with PeerfactSim.KOM

A hands on document that helps in setting up a first simulation and getting some insights in the internals of the simulator. This is a working document.

Authors: Matthias Feldotto, Kalman Graffi

The PeerfactSim.KOM – Documentation

The documentation contains all relevant information and details on the architecture and functioning of the simulator.

Authors: All authors of PeerfactSim.KOM: Dominik Stingl, Christian Groß, Julius Rückert, Leonhard Nobach, Sebastian Kaune, Konstantin Pussep and more

Tutorial on PeerfactSim.KOM

This slide set contains a tutorial on PeerfactSim.KOM and a short howto get it started and obtain first results.

Howtos – slightly outdated

Howto: How to create P2P overlays

This howto explains how to design and implement an overlay from the scratch

Author: Kenan Basol

Howto: Visualization

This howto describes the setup of the visualization

Authors: Julius Rückert, Leo Nobach




PeerfactSim.KOM-2008-Howto-create-Overlays.pdf (733k)                                       Kalman Graffi, Dec 2, 2011, 7:50 AM
PeerfactSim.KOM-2011-UPB-PG-Nodes-P2P-Simulations.pdf (3414k)                   Kalman Graffi,   Dec 2, 2011, 7:50 AM


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