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    Eya H.D

    I’m new user of the PeerFactSim. I can run a simulation with the default DHT.xml that we find under config folder. I get the following error message.
    I’m using the latest version of PeerfactSim published on : “peerfactsimkom-community-8ba30309ae38” and the Eclipse Standard/SDK Version: Kepler Service Release 1
    I hope get some help.
    with my best regards,
    2014-01-17 16:21:43,396 WARN [DefaultConfigurator – 676]# Set variables {seed=0}
    org.peerfact.api.scenario.ConfigurationException: Failed to load configuration from file .\config\DHT.xml
    at org.peerfact.impl.scenario.DefaultConfigurator.configureAll(
    at org.peerfact.impl.simengine.Simulator.configure(
    Caused by: org.dom4j.DocumentException: Error on line 38 of document file:///C:/Users/aa/Desktop/thèse/WorkSpace/peerfactsimkom-community-8ba30309ae38/./config/DHT.xml : An include failed, and no fallback element was found. Nested exception: An include failed, and no fallback element was found.
    at org.peerfact.impl.scenario.DefaultConfigurator.configureAll(
    … 2 more

    Matthias Feldotto

    Hi and welcome to PeerfactSim.KOM,

    your error message says that the configurator does not find a required file. The sample configuration files take use of the include mechanism of XML (see For example, the DHT.xml includes different files for the different components of the simulator. This enable use to reuse parts of the configuration in different configurations. All the included files for the DHT.xml can be find in the includes subfolder. Please check if you find the complete file hierarchy in your installation (compare Otherwise, for testing purposes, you can manually replace the include statements in the DHT.xml with the content of the included files.

    I hope, my answer will help you to get started with the simulator!



    Welcome also Form my side, I hope that your issue will be solved soon.

    Just an idea, I saw you habe “thèse” in your path. Sometimes I encountered Strang behavior if I use spaces or special characters in the path. My suggestion is to skip the é and use e instead.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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