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    Chintan Parekh


    As you said i tried changing the network layer but apparently both are not working..Do i need to fix anything?..However this is the problem trace..

    Mod is hanging in publish mechanism and
    GNP is throwing Null pointer exception in the join itself..Here is the trace:
    2012-12-01 05:44:49,349 ERROR [Simulator – 198]# Simulation finished with the error = null
    java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: -3
    at de.tud.kom.p2psim.impl.simengine.queues.Calendar.insert(
    at de.tud.kom.p2psim.impl.simengine.Scheduler.scheduleEvent(
    at de.tud.kom.p2psim.impl.simengine.Simulator.scheduleEvent(
    2012-12-01 05:44:49,349 INFO [Simulator – 203]# Realtime Duration of experiment (m:s) 0:2
    2012-12-01 05:44:49,349 INFO [Simulator – 205]# Simulated time is 0:10:50:931 (H:m:s:ms)
    at de.tud.kom.p2psim.impl.simengine.Scheduler.processNextEvent(
    at de.tud.kom.p2psim.impl.simengine.Scheduler.start(
    at de.tud.kom.p2psim.impl.simengine.Simulator.start(

    Chintan Parekh


    Ok..MOD is working..!.(I made a mistake somewhere so it got stucked). But stil GNP ain’t working..I have described the error above..
    Thanks a lot.:!

    Matthias Feldotto


    sorry for the late answer, I’ve not read the notifications …

    To your problem: GNP is not working very stable and the error you desribed will happen then. Instead you should use the MOD network layer, it was developed after the GNP variant and it is much more stable and also more flexible.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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