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    Sijia Li

    Hi everyone:

    I did the simulation of overlay-info-dissemination with PeerfactSim.
    But there’s no files in output folder ,only a empty folder there after
    finishing the simulation. I did other simulations expect von,psense or
    mercury which are in overlay-info-dissemination, they are all good .
    So!!! Help !!! Without simulation results ,I can’t finish my paper!!

    Best Regards


    Please check the Analyzers in
    de.tud.kom.p2psim.impl.overlay.ido.evaluation what they do, and
    whether they 1. capture and 2. print the statistics properly.

    Best regards,

    Thim Strothmann


    I assume that you just started the xmls in the folders of the
    simulator without actually looking at them. Because it’s pretty
    clearly visible that there is no funtional analyzer registered in the
    xml-file (apart from the vis-analyzer).

    There is one analyzer which is “commented out” because it needs a
    working database in the background. If you have one you can just
    remove the comments. The other possibility is to rewrite the analyzer,
    to make a output in a .txt, .csv or .dat file.

    Kind regards,

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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