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    I am new to PeerfactSim.KOM. Can anyone help me with the basic
    tutorials on how to simulate an unstructured network?
    I will be most grateful if you do (I have 2 weeks to submit the

    jiangcm hopepc


    please tell me your design and what to simulate. I take it try to help you !

    hsdrose via foxmail

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    Date: 2012年3月20日(星期二) 下午12:16
    To: PeerfactSim.KOM
    Subject: please can anyone help?


    I will be so grateful if you do @hsdrose.
    My project is to show how self-organised Wireless ad hoc networks (peer nodes) dynamically discover one another. This will most likely be an unstructured network. So, my take is it will be a Gnutella network, that is why I chose PeerfactSim in the first place
    I wasted 2 weeks trying to figure out how to get around the simulation aspect.
    I can’t thank you enough for offering to help




    I also would like to help you, therefore some questions in advance to
    come to a good solution:

    – Which simulator version did you download and do you use?
    – Gnutella 0.4, Gnutella 0.6 and GIA are unstructured overlays in the
    simulator. Did you try to simulate those using the corresponding
    config files in the config-directory?
    – Did the getting started document help you:
    At which point did you had some troubles?

    Best regards


    Thanks for coming to my aid.
    I have downloaded PeerfactSim.KOM-UPB-ver.19.12.2011.
    I intend using Gnutella 0.6 for my simulation
    I have only read 1 document, which is on visualization. I am not sure if that will get me anywhere.
    However, I don’t know any programming language


    when i execute chord iam getting this error
    pls help me

    de.tud.kom.p2psim.api.scenario.ConfigurationException: Failed to set the property useRanks in de.tud.kom.p2psim.impl.application.filesharing2.documents.DocumentSpace@4b035d
    at de.tud.kom.p2psim.impl.scenario.DefaultConfigurator.configureAttributes(
    at de.tud.kom.p2psim.impl.scenario.DefaultConfigurator.configureComponent(
    at de.tud.kom.p2psim.impl.scenario.DefaultConfigurator.configureFirstLevel(
    at de.tud.kom.p2psim.impl.scenario.DefaultConfigurator.configureAll(
    at de.tud.kom.p2psim.impl.simengine.Simulator.configure(
    Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Cannot set property useRanks as there are no matching methods in class class de.tud.kom.p2psim.impl.application.filesharing2.documents.DocumentSpace
    at de.tud.kom.p2psim.impl.scenario.DefaultConfigurator.configureAttributes(
    … 5 more

    Matthias Feldotto
Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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