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    Same Diffr

    As I am a novice in Java, I would like to know one thing:

    I want to add an application on top of Pastry to the simulator. So I will add code in form of new .java files and maybe I will alter some Pastry .java files.

    After doing so, I guess I have to recompile the code, so that the changes come into effect.

    Am I right with my assumption? If yes, can somebody please tell me the steps how to do so and what I have to consider when doing this for the simulator? If not, what else do I have to do, so that my changes to the code come into effect?

    I am working with the Eclipse IDE (version 4.2.2).

    Best regards

    Matthias Feldotto

    Yes, you are right with your assumption. After changing the code, you have to recompile the project, so that the changes come into effect.

    Eclipse as IDE has the comfortable functionality to rebuild the project automatically after each change. This function is enabled after installation, you can check it in the menu at “Project” -> “Build Automatically”. Furthermore, you can use “Project” -> “Build All” to manually compile the project or use the ant build scripts.

    After this building step (automatically or manually), all your changes should be visible in the simulations.

    Same Diffr

    Ok, that’s good to know. Thank you very much!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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