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    Arman Sheikholeslami

    I am trying to run the simulator but when I double click on the
    runGui.bat file a page is opened but it is out of the coordination of
    my Monitor! I managed to bring the page to the coordination of (0,0)
    by setting setLocation function to (0,0) but all other pages still
    open out side of my monitor! What do you suggest?

    Matthias Feldotto

    It looks like a problem in your Java or environment settings and not like a problem of the simulator. Have you tried other Java GUIs? I think they will behave similarly.

    Nevertheless, to work with the simulator without solving the problem, using the setLocation method of the frame is a good idea. To use all windows you should set the method in all of the following classes:


    These are all graphical user interfaces which should appear during a normal simulation. But for solving the intial problem you should look at your environment and test other java programs.


    Dear Arman,

    it would be helpful to give further details, such as what operating
    system do you use and which simulator version. Do you use an external
    What did you try to solve the problem …

    I remember, that I also had once a similar issue. I used Windows and
    missed an external monitor, which was used by the GUI. For me it
    helped to right-click on the simulator tab in the task bar and to
    select move, thus, I could shift the window to the main screen I used.

    Best regards

    Arman Sheikholeslami

    Dear Dr. Graffi,

    I use Windows 7 Ultimate and the simulator version is 2011-10-24 but
    as Mr. Feldi mentioned I reset seLocation of those three methods to
    (0,0) and it is working! As he also said I believe it might be a
    problem of Java environment.

    Anas Anis

    Hello everybody
    I think the best solution for this is modifying the file guiCfg
    \config.xml by setting the value of each occurrence of the attributes
    PosX and PosY to be 0. These two attributes can be found only in few
    entries of the beginning of this xml file.

    @Arman: this will solve our yesterday’s problem of seeing the dialogue
    of exporting the results.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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