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    Philipp Giesen


    I want to send and receive my own application messages using the Pastry overlay. To do that I use the method route(PastryKey key, Message msg, PastryContact hint) implemented in the PastryNode class. However, the simulation takes a very long time due to hundreds of thousands of operations being created. Compared to other overlays like Chord (which also implements the route method in the class AbstractChordNode) the amount of operations created is ridiculous high. You can reproduce the problem by using the filesharing application and using the KBRHandler instead of the DHTHandler for Pastry.

    Is there a reason, why using routing in Pastry is that slow?

    Thanks and regards,

    Philipp Giesen

    Sorry, I meant packets, not operations. The amount of operations is quite low, but the number of received and sent packets explodes..

    Matthias Feldotto

    Hi Philipp,

    no there is no real reason why routing in Pastry is that slow. The KBR interface only defines the method signature (for example the route method). The implementation is the responsibility of the overlay. Due to the fact, that the development of PeerfactSim.KOM is going on for years and many different developers have added different overlays, there exist some very large differences in the internal implementation and also in the use of messages.

    If you need the same internal handling for comparison purposes, there’s no way around the revision of the overlay.


    Philipp Giesen

    Hey Matthias,

    thanks for your headsup. I now call a nodeLooup first to identify the
    receiver node and then use the send-method from the translayer of the


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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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